What did Austin dykes do before Kitty Murray started calling for women to gather at area restaurants and coffeehouses to meet and mingle? They cried. A lot. This was never more evident than when Kitty, who started Foodies, the now legendary women-seeking-women group, five years ago, took some time off to focus on home and career in 2007-2008. The boo hoos of lonely lesbians became so deafening, Kitty heeded the call to resurrect the dependable series of events. Well, dry your tears and get the hell out of that well of loneliness, ladies. Foodies is back and better than ever with Wheelin' & Dealin' Wednesdays, pub crawls, and house parties out the wazoo. It's as simple as sending an e-mail to Kitty and getting on a mailing list. Actually showing up and finding that woman, however, is entirely up to you.